Meeting of Hajj Al-Islam and Muslims Hajj Mr. Mohammadi Rafi’i (Director General of Quranic Affairs of Al-Mustafa (PBUH) International university)

From Imam Mobin International Online Quranic Institute

Date: July 29, 2019, equal to Monday, August 7, 1398

In this meeting, the esteemed president of Hazrat Hojjatul Islam and Muslims Institute, Haj Agha Heydari and The Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Shoja, and other professors of the institute were also present.

At the beginning, Mr. Heydari, the esteemed director of Imam Mobin Hojjatul Islam and Muslims Institute, while welcoming the Director General of Quranic Affairs Mustafa (PBUH) and explaining the activities of Imam Mobin Institute and presenting a short report on the activities of the institute, suggested a few points and They made a request.

Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims Dr. Mohammadi Rafiei, while wishing increasing success to all members of the Imam Mobin Institute and expressing satisfaction with their presence in the institute, praised the activities of the Imam Mobin Institute and announced cooperation.

Finally, some of the promotional teasers of the opening ceremony of the institute, which were organized in both Persian and English languages ​​and with the participation of all sibling professors by the honorable deputy of education, were shown and praised by them.

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