Respected Muslim Brothers and Sisters

 Imam Online International Quranic Institute has the honor and privilege to cover your lovely kids’ religious needs via offering Online Quranic and Islamic courses. This Islamic Institute provides opportunities for all students making no difference what their age, level, or cultural background is.

 For it is provided with well-educated and professional teachers from Qom seminary. They are competent enough to teach your children in both English and Farsi languages and based on their space. Our well-qualified instructors can make use of different means of communication such as: WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Big Blue Button and etc. but they will adjust their abilities with what you and your kids are comfortable with.

This prestigious institute offers Quranic courses that include how to read the Quran, learn the recitation of the Quran, Tajweed and memorization of the Quran. The Islamic courses comprises three main categories: Aqaeed (Islamic Beliefs), Akhlaq (Islamic Manners) and Ahkam (Islamic Rulings). You can easily apply for our One on One Online classes right now.

You can start your online courses with the first week which is for free. Just Contact the following numbers:




 Don’t hesitate to ask us any question.