Introducing the Faculty of Islamic Studies of Imam Mobin International University                                                                                         

Undergraduate course in Islamic Studies is a course in which learners become familiar with specialized courses. And after passing the relevant units and success in the course, they succeed in obtaining a bachelor’s degree.


General course objectives:

  1. Instructing experts in the knowledge of Islam, researchers and lecturers in the field of Islamic Studies;
  2. Instructing religious scholars and Islamic disseminators who through their acquaintance with Islamic teachings, strive to spread Islamic culture and the school of the Ahl al-Bayt (as).
  3. Attracting students who are interested in doing research and study various fields of Islamic sciences and knowledge.
  4. Preserving the good traditions and methods of the traditional Shiite seminary, boosting its strength points along with utilizing the good methods and experiences of the universities for training Islamic scholars and disseminators who are familiar with current issues
  5. Instructing talented students who learn the Islamic teachings in order to answer the doubts and defend the divine teachings
  6. Finding talented students and encouraging them to continue their education in upper levels


Program Structure

  • – The duration of the bachelor’s degree in the field of Islamic Studies is 5 years.
  • – The courses are presented based on credit hours and all the courses are studied over 10 semesters.
  • – The teaching time of each theoretical course in an academic semester is 16 weeks, of which each theoretical course takes 16 hours and each practical one takes 32 hours.


Features of this course

  • Benefitting specialized professors in the field of Islamic Studies
  • Presenting Shiite courses in Persian, English, Arabic and Urdu languages
  • Online and virtual training course


 Course Units

The total number of undergraduate courses in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence and Teachings is 134 units. The course units of the mentioned field are presented as follow:


Number and type of courses

No. The main titles of the Course Units  Credit Rating
1. General Subjects 19
2. Basic Subjects /common with other programs 60
3. Specific /Specialized Subjects 55
  Total 134



No. The main titles of the Course Units  Credit Rating
1. Optional Hawzawi Subjects 23



The result and outcome of this course

A graduate of this field, with the ability he acquires in Islamic Jurisprudence and Teachings, can shine as a preacher in the field of preaching. And can be useful in Islamic cultural centers. They can also continue their education in the next stages by gaining abilities and also after the undergraduate course and gaining relative information, and can play a more effective role in disseminating and promoting the original Islamic culture as well as introducing it to the people and in achieving the goals mentioned at the beginning of the program

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