Expert on Islamic Studies

Studied Islamic jurisprudence and Quranic sciences for 20 years in the most well-known Islamic Seminary of Qom. Obtaining PhD degree from Al-Mustafa International University on Quranic Sciences. Writing my doctorate dissertation on ‘the theory of political peaceful co-existence in the light of the Quran with emphasis on solutions’. So far, I have written and published three Persian books, four research papers and translated four books into English.

Presenting Persian and English public speeches on socio-cultural and religious ceremonies. One can count on my perseverance, flexibility and leadership skills.



2000-2010     Elementary to Advanced Studies of seminary.

2011     Completion of Secondary School.

2015     Achieving B.A. on Islamic Teachings and Jurisprudence.

2017     Obtaining M.A. on Quranic Sciences and Exegesis.

2019     PhD on Quranic Sciences.

2000-2002     Teaching English Language to Afghan Migrants.

2002-2003     Translating the book called ‘Human and Destiny’.

2004-2008     Presenting English lectures on Islamic teachings and

Morality in Imam Hussein Foundation for almost 4

years via Paltak.

2011-2012     Translating the book ‘anthology of PhD and M.A

theses’ Abstracts’, 2nd Volume, 720 Pages.

2012-2013     Translating the book ‘anthology of PhD and M.A

theses’ Abstracts’, 4th Volume, 735 Pages.

2014-2015     Giving 85 English Lectures on Islamic Beliefs. These

lectures are recorded in Full HD quality and available

on YouTube.

2015-2016      Editing 85 lectures and 48 lessons via Adobe Premier.

2016-2017      Giving 85 Lectures on Critical Thinking, Shiism and

Rationalism and Research Methodology at Virtual

Canadian higher institute of House of Wisdom.

2016-2017     Live Supervision of video records for Canadian

House of Wisdom.

2016-2017     Translation of ‘English Abstracts of Research Papers

of International Conference on Quran and Humanities’.

2016-2017     Evaluation of four scientific papers in the international

Conference of Quran and Humanities.

2018-2019     Submission of a scientific paper in the conference with

the title of political legitimacy in Islam and liberalism.

2018-2020     Being Academic Vice Principal of International

School Network in Qom.

2018-2020     Academic Vice Principal of Imam Mobin Online

Quranic Institute.



Persian: Native (in two different Dari and Farsi accents).

English: I have learnt English language 20 years ago and since then I have been in touch with this language through presenting speeches, translating texts and teaching its grammar to others.

Arabic: Arabic has always been the formal language of seminaries including Qom. I have mastered Arabic as a prerequisite and integral part of my Quranic studies and exegesis.

Urdu: My Urdu reading and comprehension abilities fall between 90-95%. But my Urdu writing and speaking abilities are almost 60-70%.

Pashtoo: My Pashtoo reading and comprehension abilities are very much similar to that of my Urdu language.



Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote.

Adobe Programs such as Photoshop, Premier and Audition.

Final Cut Pro, Pages, Keynote, Numbers.

Being able to deal with both operating systems of Windows and Macintosh.


Distinction Award on PhD board exams.

Best Student in the following year.

Winning several awards on my recitation skill.

Winning third position on memorization of ten parts of the Quran.

Awarded as one of the best teachers in House of Wisdom.

References available upon request.


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